Discovering the world’s best basketball courts is a thrilling adventure for any hooper. The article contains locations from hidden gems to legendary spots, each court has its own unique charm. Here’s a list of our top 35 basketball courts from around the globe, based on various factors like uniqueness, pick-up game levels, and overall vibe:

35. Monsanto

Located in Monsanto Park, Lisbon, Portugal, this unique court offers a cool place to shoot hoops next to a scenic walking path.

34. Veemarkt

In Antwerp, Belgium, dribbling on stone might not be ideal, but this court beneath the towering Sint-Pauluskerk is a memorable downtown spot.

33. Magnolia Park

Redding, California, hosts this colorful court, perfect for hooping on hot summer days.

32. Ghetto Games

Grīziņkalns Park in Riga, Latvia, offers free hoops and weights for the youth, making it a popular venue for basketball events.

31. Stade De Vidy

Enjoy shooting hoops with a view of Lake Geneva at this multi-colored court in Lausanne, Switzerland.

30. Saint Eriks Gymnasium

Stockholm, Sweden, provides an ideal outdoor setting for pick-up games with an international group of players.


29. Palisades Park

Shell Beach, California, offers a serene backdrop for shooting hoops, with unforgettable sunset views of the Pacific Ocean.

28. Mission Dolores Park

Hoop with city locals in San Francisco’s Dolores Park for a true urban basketball experience.

27. Hietaranta Beach Court

Helsinki, Finland, boasts this full court with stunning water views, perfect for beachside basketball games.

26. Laguna Beach Courts

Laguna Beach, California, provides a picturesque setting for basketball enthusiasts, just steps away from the Pacific Ocean.

25. Erzsébet tér

Downtown Budapest surprises with a full court beneath the square’s ferris wheel, offering a unique hooping experience.

24. Chicano Park

Feel the Chicano vibe in San Diego with graffiti-adorned courts, taco stands, and shops nearby.

23. Patrick Baumann Playground

This peaceful court in Mies, Switzerland, pays tribute to the late FIBA Secretary General, offering a serene place to play.


22. Estrada do Penedo

Shoot hoops with views of the Tagus River from the top of Parque Florestal de Monsanto in Lisbon, Portugal.

21. Mission Beach

Enjoy family-friendly hoops near the beach in San Diego, perfect for a day out by the sea.

20. Lincoln Park

Long Beach, California, surprises with a new court in front of the public library, attracting kids playing under downtown’s bright lights.

19. Lionel Roberts Court

In the U.S. Virgin Islands, this popular court welcomes both local players and visitors for friendly pick-up games.

18. Nørre Søgade Playground

Copenhagen, Denmark, offers a vibrant playground with graffiti, creating a unique hooping destination.

17. Southview Park

Sausalito, California, hosts this secret gem with stunning views of San Francisco, perfect for basketball enthusiasts.

16. Panhandle

San Francisco honors Nate Thurmond with courts in Panhandle Park, attracting high-level pick-up games.

15. Stade George Carpentier

Paris, France, boasts this legendary hotspot with games for all skill levels, providing a diverse basketball experience.


14. Bluff Park

Long Beach, California, offers courts on the beach, providing sunny basketball games with ocean views.

13. Daniel Anton Taylor

Perugia, Italy, features this inviting court, freshly redesigned for an enhanced hooping experience.

12. George Sterling Park

San Francisco surprises with courts at the top, offering skyline views near the crookedest street in the world.

11. Posidonio

Thessaloniki, Greece, invites hoopers to join popular games on weekends, just steps from the boardwalk.

10. Sants

Barcelona, Spain, sets up courts at Parc de l’Espanya Industrial, attracting hoopers with games under the trees.

9. Eiffel Tower Park

Paris, France, offers courts with an Eiffel Tower backdrop, providing a picturesque setting for basketball games.

8. Angels Gate Park

Los Angeles courts may be windy, but shooting off into the Pacific Ocean makes this court an unforgettable experience.


7. Parc de la Baceloneta

Barcelona, Spain, surprises with courts in a circular metal fortress, creating a unique basketball destination.

6. Venice Beach

California’s iconic Venice Beach courts offer sunshine, pick-up games, and a vibrant atmosphere for basketball enthusiasts.

5. Carmen Amaya

Barcelona, Spain, showcases this freshly redesigned court, offering an inviting space for basketball enthusiasts.

4. Kalemegdan

Belgrade, Serbia, boasts legendary courts with fortress walls and stunning views, making it an unforgettable hooping destination.

3. Rucker Park

New York City’s legendary court hosts youth games with a historic backdrop, attracting basketball greats and onlookers.

2. Pigalle Duperre

Paris, France, buzzes with tourists and players at this legendary court, offering a unique hooping experience.

1. Brooklyn Bridge Park

Pier 2 at Brooklyn Bridge Park offers magical summer days with college-level games and family-friendly hoops against the backdrop of the Statue of Liberty.

Explore these top basketball courts around the world for an unforgettable hooping experience. And now, here’s your chance to take action:


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After exploring these top 35 basketball courts around the world is not just about playing the game; it’s about experiencing different cultures, landscapes, and communities through the lens of basketball. Each of the courts tells a unique story and offers unforgettable moments for players and spectators alike. Whether you’re shooting hoops beneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris or playing pick-up games on the sandy courts of Venice Beach, the love for basketball transcends borders and unites people from all walks of life.

Now, it’s your turn to embark on your own basketball adventure and leave us some feedback on you experiences of these legendary courts firsthand. Get ready to lace up your sneakers, grab your basketball, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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